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Find All is compatible with Firefox 24. For Firefox 25+, try FindBar Tweak instead.

This add-on replaces the find bar's Highlight All button with a powerful Find All button, which highlights all search terms found and displays them in an easy to view list.  The list displays a few words before and after the search term so you can quickly see the context of each match.  It also shows a total of how many times the search term was found on the page.

How to use Find All

Once it is installed, start Firefox and click on Firefox menu > Find...
In the Find bar at the bottom of the screen, type in a word or phrase to search for and then click on the Find All button.  A list will appear underneath the Find bar with the results of your search, and all matches will be selected on the web page.  Also, the total number of matches appears in the Find bar status area.  You can scroll through the list to easily see the context of each found result and jump to the part of the web page you want by clicking on a list item.  The list may be made larger or smaller by dragging the separator bar above the Find bar.

By default, the Find All button replaces the Highlight All button on the Find bar.  If you would like to have the Highlight All button back on the Find bar, you may set this preference in the Find All add-on options dialog (Firefox menu > Add-ons, click Options button on Find All).  You may also set a preference to not show the list of found results when the Find All button is clicked (only the total number of matches will show in the Find bar status area).

Find All also works in the browser's View Source window.

Note: Find All may not be compatible with other extensions/themes that modify the find bar or the add-on bar. Also, Find All may not work well on web pages that contain lots of dynamic (i.e., frequently updated in real time) content.


Screenshot 1: Firefox window showing the results list after having clicked the Find All button
Firefox window

Screenshot 2: Close-up of the Find bar with the results list
Firefox find bar

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