CookieMan Context
CookieMan Context icon

CookieMan Context adds a context menu to Firefox's cookie manager and permissions dialogs.

How to use CookieMan Context

Once it is installed, start Firefox and click on Tools menu > Options...
Click the Privacy panel, then click the Show Cookies button. (You may have to choose "Use custom settings for history" in the first drop-down for the Show Cookies button to appear.)
When you right click on a web site name in the cookies list a context menu will appear, allowing you to set its permission status without having to open the cookie Exceptions list.  The context menu choices are:

  • Allow - allows the site to store cookies
  • Session - allows the site to store cookies until you exit Firefox, at which time they will expire
  • Block - removes the site's cookies and it will not be allowed to store future cookies
  • Copy web site address - copies the selected web site's address to the clipboard
  • Delete - removes the cookie(s) stored by the selected site

If you block a site, but then decide you want to unblock the site to allow it to store cookies again, you can change its permission status in the Exceptions list directly.  To view or edit your Exceptions list, click on Tools menu > Options, Privacy panel, Exceptions button.  The context menu is available in the Exceptions list also.


Screenshot 1: Cookies dialog with context menu
Cookies dialog

Screenshot 2: Exceptions dialog with context menu
Exceptions dialog

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